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This is a company which gives promoters an opportunity to do business at affordable price. They can promote their products and services by sitting at one place.

mText Digital offer comprehensive voice solutions for outbound interaction (OBD) as well as inbound dialing (IBD). Simple to complex deployments with interactive voice response (IVR) features are designed at optimizing cost outlay as compared to manual calling effort (OBD and IBD). The IVR mechanism helps in resource optimization, increasing employee & business productivity.

mText Digital Voice Services offers a complete ecosystem that doesn't just empower effortless customer interaction, but also paves the way for effective information dissipation with innovative features like SMS integration for better ROI. With Voice Messaging service one can call hundreds or even thousands of people at once with important information. Our Voice- Promotional services enable you to deliver messages to customers through a medium that is connected to them 24*7.

Send discount offers, greetings, surveys, take feedback or deliver any marketing communication through highly customized voice messages. You can have a personalized and emotional appeal by combining voice with the power of regional language. Using this service for tapping rural market will surely leave you with maximized reach and positive experience to your customer!

Additional features

  • Multiple Campaigns
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Automated NDNC Opt-out
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